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Toner Buying Guide

Posted by Casie on Nov 18th 2022

Your printer is out of toner and you need to replace it fast. Don't risk using low quality supplies in your machine. 

And don't spend a fortune on Original supplies! Rest assured, our toners have been designed and produced to provide the same print performance as the expensive original toner. We make a high quality alternative to the original toner that is lab proven, machine tested and used successfully in machines throughout the world.

What toner does my printer use?

To correctly identify the toner you need, look on your machine for the brand and model number. This is usually printed directly on the front cover of your machine. Or the toner part number may be printed on a label or carton of your used supplies. Which color? Usually your printer will tell you on the display which color is empty. Color printers use cyan, magenta, yellow and black toner. If you have a monochrome printer, you can only use black toner. 

Savings Tips:

To save money, buy a set of 4 colors. This is the most economical way to order toners. We also offer value packs of two black or two color cartridges to save you even more money. Avoid any downtime by having a spare cartridge or two when you need it.

Don't mistake the toner cartridge with a waste toner cartridge or box. 

What is the difference between a toner cartridge and a toner Waste cartridge? 

The toner cartridge is a brand new fresh supply of toner that your machine requests as needed. The waste container collects used toner and paper particles that accumulate during the printing process.  The waste container must be disposed of according to local regulations and replaced with a new empty waste container. We offer those too. 

What should I do to prepare the new toner cartridge?

Before installing your cartridge, it is important to shake it to loosen any toner that has compacted during shipping. Often the instructions are printed on the cartridge or the carton. The best way to loosen the toner is to hold the cartridge level and shake it gently from side to side.

How do I install a toner cartridge? 

Every printer is different.  Install the toner cartridge carefully according to the machine instructions; never force a toner cartridge into the machine. Make sure the cartridge is inserted in the correct color position. 

How do I store toner cartridges?

It is also important that you do not store the cartridges on their end. It is best to store the toner cartridges horizontally in a cool dry location so that the toner does not harden or clog the output hole.

What printer paper should I use?

You should always use a good quality paper. Cheap paper can damage your machine and prevent the quality consistent images you need to look your best.


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